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Candidate Q&A

What should I do I’m running late to an assignment?

Note that most latenesses can be avoided with good planning. If you are delayed, contact your Personal Representative before your scheduled start time.  You can review your employee handbook for our lateness policy on your EWA.

How do I cancel off an assignment?

To cancel off an assignment, please contact your personal representative within 24 hours of the assignment start date. You can review your employee handbook to review our cancellation policy on your EWA.

What should I do if I won’t be available for a few weeks or if I’m no longer available to work for TemPositions?

Contact your Personal Representative and let them know you are no longer available so we know not to reach out to you for assignments while you are unavailable. You can reactivate with us anytime.

Do you offer permanent positions?

Yes, we offer permanent positions for all skill sets.

Will adding a lunch break on my timeslip affect my pay rate?

Entering in a lunch break will subtract the length of the lunch break from your hours worked.

How long of a lunch break am I entitled to?

If you work at least six hours in a day, you are entitled to a half hour lunch break.

If I’m interested in an available same-day assignment but start time has passed or I may not be able to arrive by the start time, can I still accept the position?

Yes, you may be able to accept the position if it’s still available.  Please contact your personal representative to discuss your expected time of arrival (ETA) and they will let you know if your ETA is approved.

When do I receive payment?

You are paid weekly by the Friday following the week you worked. For instance, if you work Monday, February 1st, Tuesday, February 2nd, Wednesday, February 3rd and Monday, February 8th, you will be paid for the first three days by February 12th and the for the fourth day by February 19th.

What is the best way to apply for a job?

To search our complete list of current openings click here. We have new jobs open constantly, so if you do not see a position that currently matches your skill set you can fill out our general form on our Looking for Work page and one of our recruiters will contact you when we have a position that you are a good fit for.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, TemPositions is a completely free service to use.

What does a recruiter do?

Our recruiters perform many functions: conduct interviews, phone conversations, screening and helping candidates and clients find the right fit.

How should I prepare for my interview with a TemPositions recruiter?

You will receive a detailed confirmation email from the recruiter that contacted you outlining everything you need for your interview with a TemPositions recruiter. You should arrive to your interview ten minutes early with all forms/testing completed and any necessary identification the recruiter asked you to bring. Having everything prepared before your interview will help to stream line the interview process.

Should I consider a staffing agency?

Working with a a staffing agency is a perfect way to gain exposure, network with peers and get paid while you’re doing it. It is also one of the fastest ways a client gets to see you in action. If you’ve been out of work for a while, TemPositons can get you in the door of a company, allowing you to sharpen your skills and experience different types of work cultures. Plus, it may give you an opportunity to experience an industry you might not know, and a professional reference from someone new.

Client Q&A

Can I refer another business in my network?

Of course! And we offer a generous referral bonus for every client we do business with.

Do you rate your employee performance?

Yes, our eRating system allows clients to rate all employees at the end of their assignment.

Can you refer me to someone outside of the tri-state area if a need arises there?

Yes, TemPositions has a vast network of trusted firms we work with outside of our working territory that we can refer you to.

What is your territory?

We operate in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and California.

Do you conduct background checks?

TemPositions will conduct background checks if specifically requested by the client.

What is your screening process?

All TemPositions go through an intense screening process including skills testing, a one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters as well as a comprehensive reference check with previous employers.

What if we want to put an existing employee on your payroll?

We do offer payroll services for existing employees of yours. Your sales rep will be able to discuss the fees associated with payrolling your current employees in further detail.

Can I refer candidates to you for placement?

Yes, we are always looking for referrals to strengthen our database.

What types of benefits do you give employees?

TemPositions offers employees one of the most comprehensive benefit plans in the business. Employees are eligible for paid vacations, paid holidays, subsidized health coverage, an employer matched 401k, low cost dental coverage, TransitCheks, referral bonuses and child care assistance.

What happens if we are dissatisfied with candidate performance?

If you are dissatisfied with candidate performance speak with your client rep about the situation right away. One of our skilled recruiters will then coach the employee on the situation. If it does not improve after that we will find a replacement for you at no charge.

Who can we call if we are unable to reach our client representative?

If you are unable to reach your specific client representative, there will be other client representatives in that division that will be able to assist you with your need.

What is the process for hiring a temporary employee?

Your sales rep with discuss a fee schedule with you for hiring a temporary employee. The fee is reduced based on the amount of time the employee works as a temp at your firm and there is no fee after six months.

Are you minority/veteran/woman owned?

We are not minority, woman or veteran owned but do collaborate with many organizations that are.

How long have you been in business?

TemPositions has been in business since 1962. To learn more about TemPositions click here.

What are your main areas of expertise?

TemPositions has expertise across many different fields including accounting & financehealth careITgeneral office supportconvention supporthospitalitycreative & marketingHRlegaleducation and scientific.

Can I pay by credit card or wire transfer?

Yes, you can pay by both invoice and wire transfer.

Is your operation 24/7?

Yes, our operation is 24/7 and you will always be able to reach a live person, no matter what time you call day or night.

How does invoicing work?

Invoices are generated electronically after an employee’s hours have been approved. You will receive an email with the invoice as a pdf attachment.

What is the time frame for receiving submittals?

We strive to submit candidates within 24 hours of receiving an order and typically beat that time frame.

How do you find your candidates?

Our candidates are sourced in a number of different ways, with the top source being referrals from other candidates. We also use job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed and various specialty boards that are industry specific.

Can TemPositions fill last minute needs?

Of course! We have a 24/7 operation so no matter when your employee calls out you will be able to call us and speak to a live person to assist you with your needs.

What do I do if I want to extend a temp’s assignment?

Simply speak to your client rep and if that temp is available and willing to extend the assignment as well we will continue them on as normal.

What is included in your hourly bill rate?

Employee pay rate, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp insurance and administrative costs.

How are employee hours handled?

Approval of employee hours are handled electronically through our CWA system. Employees are instructed to enter their hours by midnight on Sunday following the week they have worked. At that time, you will receive an email prompting you to accept or reject their hours in the system. Click here to learn more about our Intellistaff system.

Where do your candidates come from?

Our number one source in finding the best candidates is referrals. Over the years we’ve compiled a database of more than 100k candidates through the relationships we have built and maintained. Additionally, we have an internal team that uses the latest sourcing techniques to recruit top talent.

Do your recruiters meet with every candidate?

Yes. After each candidate completes an online application, they are prescreened to qualify their candidacy. We require that all candidates come into our offices to have a face-to-face interview with a recruiter. Candidates are commonly tested to determine their skill level for the position they are applying for. We have extremely high standards for the candidates we recruit.

What are the advantages of working with a local staffing firm?

We’ve been placing candidates in the greater New York and Bay Area for over 50 years. We’ve met thousands of candidates, conducted thousands of interviews, and have maintained a close relationship with many of the companies we work with.

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